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Organize: To Form Into A complete Functioning Whole
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            Devise a plan that works specifically for you 
                            Edit your belongings to include only what you need, use or love 
                                            Begin today with my help
                                                                 Systemize to create an environment that you can enjoy stress free

My name is Deb Schuler and I love to organize!  I began working as a professional home organizer for Todays Organized Living in 2016. As of July 2018, the company was restructured with each professional organizer maintaining connections through Todays Organized Living but operating individual companies. In addition to my experience working for Todays Organized Living, I have used my innate organizing skills to operate a non-profit for 20 years as well as in many other applications throughout my life.  

Are you overwhelmed with life’s challenges and the accumulation of things that just don’t fit in your home? Do you waste money on duplicates because you can’t find what you already have? I would be honored to come to your home and review your needs with you free of charge to see if we can find a solution together.  

Your initial interview is designed to discover the following: 
• Your overall goals and expectations 
• How you want your home to feel 
• A timeline that will work for you to complete your goals 
• The budget you have available for labor and storage solution products 

Systemized organizing possibilities: 
• A single project such as getting your children's papers and art organized and stored properly 
• Home office set up and organization 
• Completely organize the room or space that bothers you the most 
• Your entire home organized 
 • Monthly or annual updates to maintain what we have accomplished 

There is no need to clean up before I come to visit because it works best if I can see how your home functions now in order to find solutions that will works the most efficiently for you personally. I will never force you to part with anything that you really want to keep in your home. I will encourage you to evaluate your possessions based on the real value to you and your life style. 

I am very flexible and will work for you Monday through Sunday if that is what fits your schedule.
Master closet needing a little help
Master closet organized
Add extra  shelves to minimize lost space in a small pantry
Hang the small tools you use often on the inside of the door of your garden shed
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