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Organize: To Form Into A complete Functioning Whole
Moving & Home Staging Services
Need help moving from home to an apartment, assisted living, or nursing home. Let us help take the pressure off. Whether you have a year to get ready or you needed to leave yesterday, we can help.

Moving can be expensive, so for those of you who have time to get ready, let us help you purge items that you no longer need, use, or simply don't want anymore. We can also help to sort items and label boxes so when you arrive at your new home, unpacking is easier.

  Use our staff or we can arrange a moving company.
  Help labeling boxes so you can find what you need during the process.
  Help preparing for a yard sale, auctions, or for donations to be picked up.
  Arranging temporary storage.  We do not insure or gaurentee our packs 
  against breakage so consider having fragile items specially package. 

  Still living with boxes all over? Let us help you to get it done. 
  Relocated quickly to start a new job and don’t have time to unpack.
   Let us do it all including making the bed.
   We can help determine the most efficient home for your items.
   Give suggestions on items to purchase to increase storage availability.
   Removal of boxes and packing supplies.
   Purchase groceries to get you going.
   Get your utilities hooked up and automatic payments if desired.

Home Staging:

Sometimes it is difficult to look at your home objectively. You have spent years creating a space that you enjoy and moving can generate a lot of negative feelings. We can help you to see that, although it is a great space for you, we need to create a home that any buyer can visualize and make it their own.

What staging your home can do!
  Help sell your home more quickly.
  Help you to receive a higher price for your home.
  Make your home appear larger.
  Allow buyers to visualize how they can utilize the space.

What is staging?
   Moving or removing furniture to allow a more spacious feel.
   Pre-packing personal item's so the buyer can see what you want them to see.
   Painting colors that appeal to potential buyers.
   Making repairs that are necessary.
   We can give advice and you can do it yourself or we can take care of it for you

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